Grid Operators

Grid operators have been added to the grid for increased filtering flexibility. The operators are an extra functionality to the filtering to allow you to specify how you filter.

To show (or hide) the operators, click the 'Toggle operators' button on the top right of each grid.

Toggling the operators will slide down a row of operators between the column titles and the filters.


Depending on the type of filter, the operators will allow you to fine-tune your filtering.


  • Upcoming events now show meetings and interviews taking place in the next 30 days instead of 7 days.


  • The profile icon modal/pop-up now includes email messages.


  • Mass edit color and status of selected shortlist candidates.
  • Option to keep color and status when adding candidates from the current shortlist to a new or different shortlist.
  • Option to unshortlist candidates from the current shortlist when adding them to a new or different shortlist.


  • Page load performance improved on long lists.
  • Ability to sort contacts on age.
  • Checkboxes and mass action select field have been moved to the left.