The introduction for a candidate can be changed using the progress buttons on the Pipeline grid, or on the pipeline record itself.


Click on the blue button next to the current status of the pipeline record.

Pipeline record

Click on the blue button on the right of the progress bar.

Selecting the status and writing a note

When clicking on the blue button, a modal popup window will appear. The selected status will be the next one following the current status of the pipeline record. In this example, the status is currently "Introduction" (CV/Resume sent) and the next one is "CCM1" (First interview). You can skip a status if needed, let's say for this example, we directly skip to "Final Interview".

Adding a note here adds vital information for other users, or for historical archiving, giving more in-depth information on why this candidate did not go through the original interview process. 

Click on the "Save" button. You will be returned to the pipeline record with an updated progress bar.

Notice the note icon in front of the timestamp, clicking on it will bring up the previously written note. The note will also appear on the right of the pipeline record, the candidate record and the job record.

Choosing CCM1, ... or Final Interview as a status, does not automatically create an interview record in Tamago-DB. It's best practise to first change the status of the pipeline record to CCM1, CCM2, ... before creating the interview record. This ensures the data consistency and correct processing.

Introduction and Offer status

When choosing "Introduction" or "Offer" as status will automatically set the "Date introduced" and "Date offered" fields of the pipeline record. A blue notice message will appear when selecting these statuses to inform you of this automatic change.

It is still possible to change these dates by manually editing the pipeline record.