Select the candidate

Selecting a candidate by one of the following methods :

1. Click the 'Add to pipeline'-button on the candidate record. (This button also exists on the Company and Job record page). The advantage of using this method is the duplicate check.

2. Select the candidate(s) in a grid : Leads, Candidates, Clients, All Contacts, or in a shortlist, select "Pipeline" in the mass action menu and click "Go".

3. Select the candidate(s) in the Advances Search and choose "Pipeline" in the mass action menu and click "Go".

Add to pipeline modal

After selecting the candidate through one of the above methods, a modal will popup asking you for some additional information.

Select the company and job you wish to add the candidate to the pipeline for. When adding candidates from the pipeline, both the Company and Job field might already contain data if the shortlist has a Job linked to it.

If you wish to add the candidate to the pipeline with a status, do so by selecting a value in the "Pipeline status" field. The same for result, but that's usually left empty as generally it's a new introduction to the pipeline.

When all fields are set, click the "Create" button.

When adding candidates to the pipeline from a grid, after clicking the create button, you will be taken to the pipeline list view, filtered by the company and job selected in the previous form. You will find all your new introductions here.

If the candidate was added to the pipeline from its own record, you'll see a green flash message which will link you to the introduction.

Clicking on the link will take you to the new introduction.

Check for duplicate introductions in the pipeline

When the candidate already has been introduced to the pipeline for the job and/or company, an alert will appear with the already existing introduction to inform you.