• Added 'First contacts' to the status widget. It'll show the number of contacts with a 'First contacted'-date in this/last month.
  • An 'expand' button has been added to the top right of the calendar to view a full size calendar.


  • Jobs can now have a public job title. This title will be used on the public pages and job boards. If no public title is set, the default title will be used.


  • Added 'Skills' header to the candidate's generated PDF containing the 'languages', 'certification' and 'language certifications' fields. The skills section can be enabled/disabled.


  • Meetings and Interviews can now be canceled. Canceled meetings show with a strikethrough on their title. Canceling a meeting does not update Google/Outlook/... calendars.
  • Calendar invite descriptions have been expanded with more information.


  • Added 'latest shortlist update' column to the shortlist which shows the timestamp when the candidate's shortlist information has been update (across all shortlists).
  • When creating a new shortlist, the job selection field will now also display the Company name of the jobs.
  • Company and Job will be automatically set when adding to the pipeline when the shortlist has been linked to a job.


  • When adding candidates from a shortlist, the resulting pipeline records will now show the shortlist information on the details page.


  • New "Events" report will show meetings and interviews. Meetings will be divided by their "type" and interviews by their "stage".
  • A new "Sources" report showing conversions based on the candidate's Source Type. See which source has benefited you the most, which generates the most meetings, interviews, offers and placements!


  • When creating a note, the note owner can now be set.
  • Admins and the current owner can now change the owner of the note.


  • Subject of the mailer can now also be personalized using the place-holders previously used in the email body.
  • Admins now have the ability to enable and disable the Mass Mailer for users (in User settings).
  • Added a 'Preview' button when composing an email


  • The 'Names and titles' field can now be customized in User Settings. A user can define which fields should be searched when searching using the names field.


  • Fields with no value can now be hidden in the details tab/views for Company, Job and Contact. See the 'Hide empty fields' field in User Settings.
  • Users can now select which tab they prefer to have active when visiting a contact record
  • Added an 'Attachment'-icon to view the attachments for a contact to the contact grids (Leads, Candidates, Clients and All contacts) and the shortlist grid.
  • Added an 'Attachment'-button to contact search results of the Advanced search to open their attachments in a modal.
  • Replaced the 'Description'-icon with a 'Profile'-icon on the contact grids (Leads, Candidates, Clients and All contacts) and the shortlist grid. Clicking the icon will bring up a pop-up window with the contact's record details.
  • Candidate select fields now show employment information to help identify the person.
  • A user (non-admin) can now delete a record up to 1 hour after its creation (by the user).
  • Using the "+" menu you can now create Lead, Candidate or Client directly instead of 'Contact' (which was a Lead by default)