• Added the option to disable automatically setting the company to 'client' when creating a job.   
  • Added ability to specify a disclaimer which will appear in the footer of generated PDF's.   
  • Moved all template fields to a new 'Templates' tab.   
  • Amount of documents parsed in the current and previous month are now shown on the top right.   
  • Added the ability to disable the document parsing restriction. Doing so will allow users to parse documents beyond the available limit. (See below)

Document Parsing    

  • Document parsing has been limited to a specified amount (20 by default) per license shared over all users. This limit has always been present, but never enforced, until now. We added a restriction to prevent users to go over this limit. An admin can disable this restriction, but will incur extra charges for parses over the limit. The additional charge will be invoiced the following month at the rate of 50 JPY per parse (over the limit). The user will receive a warning when this limit has (almost) been reached.


  • New template field for job benefits.   
  • New template field for company benefits.


  • New tab : 'Activities' in User Settings which shows the visited pages of the user.  
  • 'User logins'-tab will now also show when a user logged out (clicking 'Logout' is required for a logout to register).


  • Added the ability for admins set a time period to temporarily disable the IP address restriction for a user.


  • Added light-grey background on odd rows in grids to improve readability.
  • Added vertical dashed borders between cells in grids to improve readability.
  • Katakana/English name for companies and contacts will show on top of Japanese name when available.


  • Users can change the way tags are shown on record pages. Default is one row per tag group, the new horizontal tag view mode will show all tags in one continues line. See User Settings.   
  • Added a button to copy the company benefits to the job benefits field when creating/editing a job.   
  • Company 'Selling points' has been renamed to 'About the company' and is now a rich text field to allow rich text formatting.

Tasks & Due notes    

  • The orange reminder pop-up will now show the relevant records name if it's a note, with a due date, attached to a record.   
  • The 'Due tasks' widget on the Dashboard will now show the relevant records name if it's a note, with a due date, attached to a record.


  • Average days from being introduced/resume sent to the first interview has been added to the Ratios widget.


  • Added a 'Job manager' field to select the manager at the company that's responsible for the job.


  • It's now possible to select more than one desired working location, industry, job category and project.   
  • Added 'Languages' to the grid export of Contacts


  • A checkbox has been added when placing a candidate, to choose to end the current employment and create a new employment based on the job placement.   
  • Added company, job and candidate ID to the pipeline export

Advanced Search    

  • Added client hinting in Advanced Search (green border = client company, blue border = client contact).   
  • Added 'NOT' operator to names and terms field.   
  • Added 'NOT' operator to tag filters.   
  • A filter has been added to search companies and contacts on having or missing an email address or phone number.   
  • Added ability to sort on the 'First contacted' date for contacts.   
  • Added filter 'First contacted' and 'First contacted between' for contacts.


  • 'Total per user' option for reporting to combine all data over the selected time period per user.   
  • Source type has been added to the forecast export.


Please inform your IT representative of the following change to the API if you have a Tamago-DB API integration.

The API has been updated to reflect the change to desired job categories, desired industries and desired locations for candidates.

  • "desiredJobCategory", "desiredIndustry" and "desiredLocation" have become deprecated for the "/api/candidate" and "/api/application" endpoints.
  • "desiredJobCategories", "desiredIndustries" and "desiredLocations" have been added to the "/api/candidate" and "/api/application" endpoints.

Check the API documentation for more information :

The API still contains the fields "desiredJobCategory", "desiredIndustry" and "desiredLocation", but we recommend updating your integration with the Tamago-DB API as soon as possible.