Job Visa


Visa information for jobs has been simplified. Two new fields replace the old 'Visas' field :

Visa requirement : field can contain 'Visa required', 'Visa sponsored' or any other custom value
Visa details : any additional detailed information you'd like to supply for the applicant

All existing data has migrated to these fields. If the job has a country selected, after the update 'Visa required' will be selected in the 'Visa requirement' field and the country name will be written in the 'Visa details' field.

Additional values for 'Visa requirement' can be added in the 'Customizations' tab in 'Administration'.

Default Search Settings

Users settings have been expanded with 'Search settings'.
These settings allow users to customize the behavior of some Advanced Search filters.

Record types : select which record types should be searched by default
Maximum job wage : maximum job wage checkbox is enabled by default

More updates :

  • [Job] An image field has been added to the job record (see 'Public settings' when editing)