The Year End Report

The Year End Report will make it easy for you to create the end-of-year report for the Japanese government.

In administration, a new customization option has been added to allow you to create a list of 'Report Category' options. These options will become available when editing a candidate or job record. This value will then be used to generate the Year End Report. By default the report will show the data based on the current calendar year. In Administration, you can specify the start of the fiscal year. The report will then use this fiscal year to generate the report instead of the calendar year.

The report can be filtered by country.

It's also possible to see the data for all countries except for the selected one by using the last drop down field.

The report will show the following numbers : new job openings, active job openings, active candidates, active created candidates, placements fees and contract fees. The contract fees only include the fees in the default currency of the Agency (see Administration). The report can be filtered by category and sorted by each column. The data is exportable.

For more information on the report and the numbers, please read our solution on the Year End Report.

Job Import

CSV import for jobs has been added.

Company name is mandatory when importing jobs. If no company can be found (an exact match), the job will not be imported unless 'Create company records' is enabled. Enable the 'Create company records' option to automatically create missing company records.

You can find the list of importable fields and an example CSV template in Job Import solution.

Loading Document Viewer

The document viewer will now load the first attachment by default when opening the Attachments tab.

A loading icon has been added to confirm the requested attachment is being loaded.

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