This is currently only available in beta.

The apply form contain the following field:

- File uploaded (attachment, maximum 3 and maximum size 6mo)

- Family name (text and mandatory)

- Given name (text and mandatory)

- Gender (checkbox)

- Nationality (select box)

- Birthdate (calendar)

- Email and type ( email is mandatory)

- Phone number and type ( text and select box)

- Address (Postal code,Country,City,Region,Extended,Street) (text except for the country who is a select box)

- Language and ability ( select box)

- Language certification and score ( select box)

- Certification ( text)

- Visa and type (text and select box from tamago-db data)

- Salary ( Wage, currency and basis) : (text and selectbox)

- Desired employement (checkbox from tamago-db data)

- Desired category (select box from tamago-db data)

- Desired Industry (select box from tamago-db data)

- Desired location (select box from tamago-db data)

- Referrer ( text)

- Notice period ( text)

- Url ( url, facebook and linkedin) (text)

- Privacy policy ( checkbox)

When apply is sended, if everythings goes well so a message tell you the apply is finish, in other case you have the error message with the form and every data who was write by the customer to let him change it without need to rewrite everything.

If somethings wrong:

If work:

Then you can see the application on Tamago-db website