The apply form contain the following field:

  • File upload (maximum 3 files at once and and maximum file size of 6mb)
  • Family name (required)
  • Given name (required)
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Birthdate
  • Email and type (required)
  • Phone number and type
  • Address (Postal code, Country, City, Region, Extended, Street)
  • Language and ability
  • Language certification and score
  • Certification
  • Current company
  • Current position
  • Current department
  • Current salary (amount, currency and basis)
  • Bonus salary (amount and currency)
  • Visa and type (visa type is custom list from Tamago-DB)
  • Salary (amount, currency and basis)
  • Desired employment (custom list from Tamago-DB)
  • Desired job category (custom list from Tamago-DB)
  • Desired industry (custom list from Tamago-DB)
  • Desired location (custom list from Tamago-DB)
  • Referrer
  • Notice period
  • Social (Homepage, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Privacy policy¬†

When the application form has been submitted, a confirmation message will be shown.

The new application can be found in Tamago-DB: Applications > New applications