Get your Tamago-DB API Key and set up the API to be used by your WordPress as a job board.

Log in to the WordPress Admin, and find TDB Dashboard on the left side.

Mandatory step to set up the plugin

The following field are mandatory to set up the plugin the first time to let it work correctly:

Api: Link

Api Key

Update translation

Fill in the API link and API key, the Api link is the url to your Tamago-DB (not the WordPress website), you don't need to include https:// and remove any training slash ( / ). The API key is the key you set it up earlier. 

If you use multiple tamago-db, you can add api link, you will have to include the number you see on the right on shortcode to use the correct tamago-db (example : [jobsearch_form api='2'])

Click on the Update API button.

Customize Design

The configuration screen will allow you to set up custom button colors.

Under 'Link' you can change the color of the job titles.

Choose the number of jobs to show on each page, by default it'll show 5 jobs per page.

Choose the location of the search button, it can be either on the top of the form or on the bottom.

Choose the template, choosing a different template changes the design of the list of jobs.

Job information visibility

Choose which information will be shown on the detail page.


You can choose the number of job to show per page, on the widget and the number of caracter who will be used on the description. Description cleaned allow you to show a description without html tag.

Select preferred currency, certification and basis. A preferred option will be shown on top of the options list in the form.

If you check use one currency, it will show only the one you choosen.

Order of favorite language

Set the order of your favorite languages to show in different form. The search form will only show available languages.

Mandatory field and apply field

Choose which fields are mandatory on the application form,

Type of source is one field who will be send only if you choose some data inside, the content of that field is coming from your tamago-db website .

Choose which fields are shown/hidden on apply fields. Given name, family name and email field are always shown and mandatory.

Privacy policy link

Add a privacy policy link for the candidate to read. When added, a privacy policy checkbox will appear on the application form. Checking the checkbox is mandatory.

Apply history

Every application is saved in the database and sent to Tamago-DB through the API. This will allow you to confirm submitted data by the candidate.