Add contact to shortlist

The 'Add contact to shortlist' button has been updated. Instead of going straight to the form to create a new contact, it will now open a popup modal which allows you to select an existing contact to add to the shortlist.

It is still possible to create a new contact and add it to the shortlist by clicking the 'Create new contact' button.

Contact profile icons

A profile/description icon has been added following the contact's name. Clicking on the icon will open a popup modal containing the contact's profile/description. In the future we plan to expand this functionality to contain more information and to enable this for more types of records.

Search Bookmarking

Bookmarking a search, will now save the full search, including all fields, filters, sorting and page you're on. When bookmarking, you will be prompted a popup modal to name your bookmark to easily identify your bookmarked search.

The created bookmark will be available in the Quicksearch window when clicking the spyglass icon on the top left.

Read more about searching

Expandable Search Result

Search results in Advanced Search now have a 'Description' (when available) and a 'Pipeline' button which will slide open a box containing the record's description/profile and the pipeline.


Additional information has been added to the search result summary :

  • Candidate's disposition
  • Contact's language skills
  • Job's language requirements

Read more about searching


Visa Type

A customizable 'type' field has been added to Visa. The options can be added under 'Customization' in 'Administration'. 

More updates :

  • [Archive] Tamago-DB will now keep track who archived a record (visible by tooltip on archived date)
  • [Forms] Disabled the browser's auto-complete on fields within Tamago-DB
  • [Parsing] Minor document parsing tweaks
  • [Search] Job wage has been added as a filter to the Advanced Search
  • [Search] Created/Updated/Viewed filter has moved to the bottom of the form
  • [Search] Companies filter has moved outside the 'Candidate'-only filter box
  • [Search] Tweaked finding contact names when using Terms field in Advanced Search
  • [Shortlist] It's now possible to add contacts to the Shortlist from the Pipeline grid
  • [Shortlist] The shortlist's color and status has been added in the 'Lists' section of the candidates
  • [UI] Several minor user interface improvements

Fixes :

  • [Customization] Fixed an issue where a newly created customization could not be reordered until the page was refreshed