On the Jobs page, next to the `Add job` button, you'll find the 'Import' button. The job import accepts a CSV file of maximum 500 records.

The job title and the company name are mandatory fields. If no company can be found (an exact match is required), the job will not be imported.

Enable the 'Create company records' option to automatically create missing company records.

Mandatory fields :


Available fields :

'Wage Currency',
'Maximum Wage',
'Maximum Wage Currency',
'Language 1 Name',
'Language 1 Ability',
'Language 2 Name',
'Language 2 Ability',
'Language 3 Name',
'Language 3 Ability',
'Postal Code',
'Company Street',
'Company Extended',
'Company City',
'Company Region',
'Company Postal Code',
'Company Country',
'Nearest Station',
'Private Description',
'Expiration Date',
'Job Language',
'Start Date',
'Publish Date',
'Reason To Hire',
'Reason To Hire Details',
'Working Hours',
'Education Level',
'Type Detail',
'Wage Details',

Tags :

By default 'Tags' will be added to the 'General' tag group. To assign tags to a specific tag group, you can add the following header to the CSV :

Tags [taggroupname]

The taggroupname has to be replaced by the key of the tag group which can be found in the Tag Manager in Administration.

To import tags for the Desired Job Category tag group, use Tags [desiredjobcategory]