Workflow Updates

  • Shortlists can now be shared between consultants and managers, expanding workflow optionsĀ 
  • From the Contacts grid, select or create a shortlist, then select Shortlist from the drop down menu and click 'Go'
  • Contacts from Shortlists can be transferring individually, or on-mass to a job pipeline using the same drop down menu function, selecting 'Pipeline'

Data Cleansing & Discovery

  • Potential contact, job and company duplicates are now automatically identified and presented under the 'Similar' tab on each record
  • Clicking 'Merge' next to any of the listed records will merge the information into the primary record of access, automatically archiving the secondary record
  • The 'Similar' tab is a powerful tool for discovering related candidates, clients, jobs & companies; throughout the recruitment cycle and as an to aid business development initiatives