Contact Type Drop down

To change the type of the contact record has been moved to the top of the contact page.  By clicking on the dropdown box, users can choose the contact type. Once a contact type is selected, it will automatically save in the system. The edit record page will then open and mandatory fields need to be updated before saving the record.

This has been updated to improve ease of data management and encourage users to enter required data as contacts evolve into candidates.

Mandatory Fields

Superadmin and Admins can set mandatory fields for each contact record type, company record, or job record. In addition pipeline, meetings, and interviews can also have customized mandatory fields.

Mandatory fields are set inline, meaning they can be changed from any record while the edit record page is open. Mandatory fields are indicated by a colored asterisk. Red means system-level mandatory and cannot be changed. Orange means the field has been set to be mandatory by the Superadmin.

Customization means that Super Admins can now control which data is required of their users. Every recruitment agency, depending on their size, target market, and proprietary workflow, require different fields from their users.

Customized desired employment fields

Users will notice there is a new customized desired employment fields box when editing a contact's record.When candidates apply for public jobs, they will have the option to select the new fields from the desired employment section.

  • Improves the granularity of data that can be saved about candidates; especially for candidates registering directly from the web
  • Some fields can be customized

Customizable Fields

  • Tamago-DB is starting to roll-out a customization framework
  • Certain list fields can be customized
  • Field order can be freely configured via drag-and-drop
  • Fields can be customized in multiple languages

Favorites in Activity Sidebar

Users can now set items as favorites in the Activity Sidebar by hovering over the icon on the left of label.  As you hover over the icon a heart will appear that you can click on to add to favorites.  

Favorites will appear above the “Clear history” button.

Easily toggle “primary” contacts

When viewing a contact record or a grid, click on the the primary contact icon as shown above to toggle as a primary contact for the current company.

Improved navigation in edit pages  

Quick edit directly from display pages 

Many other Features!

  • Better email synchronization
  • Additional field for tracking language certifications
  • Current employee notes on company pages to get an overall snapshot of all activity within a company
  • Duplication alert when creating pipeline
  • Social widgets on company record similar to social widgets on candidate record
  • RSS feed for public jobs
  • Deep WordPress job board integration