Pipeline Workflow

The new Pipeline workflow will give more clarity on where your introductions within a job are in the process.

  • New introduction progress bar with the ability to take notes on each stage
  • Navigation buttons guide you easily through the process
  • More visibility of contact's open introductions and information on results of processes that have ended. 

Here is a link to a video discussing all about this new feature: https://youtu.be/OhOx23bCejM

Easily view and search your most important shortlists.

Shortlists can now be accessed from any page.  In the top navigation, there is a shortlist icon (  ) just to the left of "Dashboard." By clicking the icon, you will see a drop down for all your shortlists.  If a user has many shortlists, when clicking the drop down, a search box will appear to begin typing to quickly find a shortlist.  We hope that this makes it easier to access your shortlist!