Customized Tag Groups

With customized tag groups customers can create as many groups of tags as needed, with the ability to name the tag group and define color.

Edit tags straight from the record

No need to edit a record to update tags, each tag group is editable right from the tag area in a record. See more details here.

Add description to tags

You can now add a description to be displayed when hovering over a tag.

Search Sorting

Users can now sort search results by Relevance (default), Created, Updated, or Viewed. Click here for more details

Other Feature updates

  • Search on current or desired salary
  • Meeting Tabs added to Job and Company records
  • Re-order Favorites in activity side bar
  • Ability to define placement date on introduction
  • Candidates can now filter job on Industry and Category on public page
  • Import tags into tag groups when importing from CSV
  • Create template for company description
  • Send Email to client or candidate from interview record