Servers have been upgraded to PHP 7.1 which translates in an overall performance boost all around the system. We plan to add more performance improvements in the coming months.


A user can now claim a contact record. Claiming a record will change its ownership to you. A record can be claimed if it it doesn't have an owner and hasn't been claimed before.

Find the 'Claim' button on top of the record.

OAuth mail link

When using Gmail or Office365, you can now link your mailbox using OAuth. Tamago-DB will request authorization directly from Google/Microsoft.

Oauth is the preferred approach as it is more secure and reliable.


A small preregistration form has been added when registering or applying to a job. The form will ask for a name and email address. Using the email address, Tamago-DB will check if a Candidate already exists. If not, the full registration form will be shown.

When a Candidate already exists, it's no longer required to fill in the full registration form.

The preregistration form will create a new Lead. In case the full registration form is not submitted, the system will still contain the the name and email address. If a Lead already exists, they will be merged.

More updates

  • The 'Introduction' and 'Offer' statuses on the Progress Report are now based on the actual 'introduced date' and 'offer date' respectively
  • Moved the education history below the employment history
  • Added 'BCC' email addresses to email messages
  • Contact grid export now contains a column which will contain only 1 email address to improve compatibility with mass mailer import. Primary email address is chosen if it exists
  • Improvements on performance
  • Improvements on user experience
  • Improvements on layout
  • Japanese translation updates