Document Viewer

Box released a new Document Viewer. The old viewer is no longer supported.

The latest viewer supports more document types and has increased reliability.

Advanced Search : Names

The Advanced Search now has a dedicated field to search for names and titles. The 'Search names and titles' field will only search for the following data :

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Current Position
  • Company name
  • Job Title

This field can be combined by the general 'Search terms' field and the other fields and filters in the Advanced Search.

Advanced Search : Scored sort

A new sort order has been added to the Advanced Search. Sorting on the 'Scored' sort order, will sort the search results based on a score. Each result will receive a score based on specific criteria.

This is still experimental and its behavior might change. Let us know your comments, we appreciate any feedback on this. The default sort order remains 'Occurrence' which is the sort order you're familiar with.

Read how the scoring works in our Advanced Search Sorting solution.

Multi tag edit

It's now possible to edit all tags at once for a record by using the 'Edit all tags' button.

Dashboard numbers

Additional numbers were added to the Dashboard.

The numbers in brackets directly behind "Contacts" shows the total amount of contacts created by this user for this/last month and the total amount of contacts created by all users in this/last month. The number behind 'Jobs' shows the number of current active jobs in the agency.

Read more on the status widget of the Dashboard

Activity sidebar update

The activity sidebar used to show only the activity of the current session. Logging out would mean the activity list would be reset.

This is no longer the case. The activity list will now keep the latest activity regardless of having logged out or not.

Customized registration email

The email received by a candidate applying for a job or registering on Tamago-DB, can now be customized in Administration. The message will replace the 'We look forward to working with you' message.

Privacy Policy agreement on application

It's now possible to have new job applicants to agree to the Privacy Policy before being able to submit his/her application. In 'Administration' you can now add the URL to your Privacy Policy. Only when the Privacy Policy URL is available, a mandatory checkbox will appear on the application form.

More updates

  • A record is now only claimable when it has no owner
  • Company has a new tab, 'Emails', showing all email messages of the current employees
  • The candidate owner now shows in the pipeline grid and the forecasting grid
  • The field for the contract terms can now contain more text
  • Task notification alerts will now appear at the bottom right of the screen by default
  • A duplicate warning will now appear when creating a new introduction when using the full form page
  • Job title and description are now in front on the public jobs list page
  • Added number of calls to Reporting (= note with type 'call')
  • Updates to the OAuth mail synchronization
  • The contract information in Company header has been tweaked a little
  • Additional tweaks to labels and translations