The May 2018 Update has some big changes in store. Editing notes has been improved and it's now possible to add notes to specific employments.

Numerous updates have been made in order to improve performance and decrease page load times. This is an ongoing project which we will continue over the next few months.

In order to improve the reliability of the email synchronization in Tamago-DB, we moved to a new service provider for email synchronization. This new providers allows us to expand even further on email integration in the future.

Document Viewer Update

The document viewer experienced loading issues due to the way it was being loaded when the 'Attachments'-tab was not active. By default, the 'Details' tab is open when visiting the record, the 'Attachments'-tab (and all other tabs) remained hidden and loaded in the background. This background loading breaks the viewer.

To solve this issue, the document viewer will no longer try to load if it's not active. When switching to the 'Attachments'-tab, it will now be necessary to select a document before the viewer will become visible.

Loading the document can take some time depending if the document has been viewed before. In order to generate a preview, the document has to be read from the database, uploaded and processed before being able to be viewed. This can take several seconds.

Updated Note Editing

It's no longer required to edit an entire record in order to update a single note. Below each note, there is now an edit icon which will allow you to edit that single note.

A Note can only be edited or deleted by the owner (original creator) of the note and an Admin.

Read our Solutions on Notes

Employment Notes

Currently, company records will only show notes from current employees. To allow important notes from previous key employees to still be available on the company record, it's now possible to create a note for a specific employment. This note will remain visible at the company's record, even after the employee has left the company.

Boolean Search

Up until now, all searches using the 'Terms' or 'Names and titles' field were done by the 'OR' operator when searching for multiple terms. Searching for Sales Manager would actually search for Sales OR Manager.

Based on customer feedback, this default behavior has changed to Sales AND Manager.

The operator has been made available to change the above behavior. By default AND will be selected, OR can be used when chosen to do so. This will allow you to tweak your search even more.

Read more on Boolean Search


Four additional columns have been added to the Overall Progress report : Introduced, Offered, placed and closed pipelines.

The first five columns, with a darker background, show created, introduced, offered, placed and closed pipeline records owned by the user.

The following columns, show the numbers of status changes done by the user, even if the pipeline record is owned by another user.

The remaining columns, with a darker background, are the pipeline record results.

These are also contributed to the user who finished the introduction pipeline using the flag button.

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Interview Stage

In order to keep track when the interview took place within the pipeline progress, it's now possible to select the introduction status for the interview. A 'Stage' field has been added which uses the same list of options as the introduction status.

When creating a new interview, this field will be automatically populated with the current status of the introduction. It is therefore recommended to first update the introduction to the correct status (CCM1, CCM2, ...) before creating the interview record. In this case the interview will be automatically given the correct status (CCM1, CCM2, ...) when opening the form.

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Dashboard numbers

Additional numbers were added to the Dashboard.

Planned shows the numbers or meetings and interviews which are planned (as opposed to created) for this and last month. Introduced shows the number of pipeline records which have been introduced (record contains the 'Date introduced'), this and last month.

Read more on the Status widget

Sorting on customized fields in Grids

Sorting in grids is by default on the alphabetical order of the values. As from this update, columns containing customized values are now sorted on their sort order specified in Administration.

This affects the following columns : Contract status, Dispostion, Source Type, (Job) Status, (Interview) Stage, (Interview) Introduction status, (Pipeline) Job status, (Pipeline) Status, (Pipeline) Result.

Eg. Pipeline Sorted by Pipeline Status below

Read more on Grid Filtering and Sorting

Source Type

A new customizable field has been added to contact records to select the type of source the contact record was sourced from. By default it will have the options 'Import', 'Application' and 'LinkedIn'.

When a new record is being imported (CSV import), 'Import' will be set as its 'Source type' and the filename will be set as its 'Source'. 'LinkedIn' will be set when the contact record has been imported from LinkedIn. 'Application' is set when the candidate registered or applied for a job through the public job pages on Tamago-DB (or Iframe).

In the Contacts grid (Leads, Candidates and Clients), the 'Source' column has been replaced by this new 'Source type' column.

In the Advanced Search, you will be able to filter by 'Source type'.

Upon release, it will contain the same data as the 'source' field. Please contact us to help you clean up this data and configure this field to your needs. You will be able to add any additional options for this field in Administration.

Additional CSV Import Fields

The CSV import functionality has been expanded with the following fields :

  • Job Description' (employment position)
  • Salary Currency
  • Desired Salary
  • Desired Salary Currency
  • School
  • Degree
  • Major
  • Graduate Year
  • Graduate Month
  • Language 1 Name
  • Language 1 Ability
  • Language 2 Name
  • Language 2 Ability
  • Language 3 Name
  • Language 3 Ability
  • Certifications
  • Sourced Detail
  • Source Type

Salary Currency should be the three letter code : JPY, USD, ...
The (Desired) Salary should be numbers only (Japanese counters 万, 千,... are supported).

The 'Language Name' has to be the 2-letter ISO 639-1 language code. Language ability can either by 0 -> 6 or 'none', 'basic', 'conversation',  'business' , 'advanced business', 'fluent' and 'native'.

'Source Detail' replaces 'Source', 'Source Type' is a new field, by default this will be 'import'. Please use the 'keys' of the options added to the customizations in Administration.

More information on importing can be found in our solution : Tamago-DB CSV Import

Contact Information Description

Contact information now has an extra field to add a description for each email address, phone number or messenger ID.

More updates :

  • [Performance] Improved loading the Job form (editing and creating), 'relevant companies' field git reworked resulting in reduced load times.
  • [Performance] The messages tab will now load after the page has been fully loaded. This will reduce the load time for the Company and Contact record pages.
  • [Performance] Storage, stored and parsed document numbers (top right) are now retrieved after the page has been fully loaded, reducing page load times.
  • [Performance] Data for tabs not currently active on the Dashboard will be retrieved after the page has been fully loaded. This will reduce page load time significantly. A spinning icon will be shown when the data hasn't been fully loaded yet.
  • [Performance] Translating of customized field data in Grids has been improved, reducing load time for pages containing grids.
  • [New field] Probation period field has been added to company. This is a public field and will show in the generated job PDF and the public job page.
  • [New field] User setting added to enable email notification to user when a new job has been created
  • [Reporting] Users are now able to see their own status and progress reporting
  • [Reporting] Agency setting added to allow users to view every user's reporting data
  • [Notes] Pipeline notes are now showing at the company record
  • [Notes] Interview notes are now showing on the job record
  • [Notes] Meeting notes are now visible for companies
  • [Emails] Email message modal will now show 'To', 'CC' and 'BCC' email addresses
  • [Grid] Contract status has been added to the company grid
  • [Grid] Candidate owner column has been added to Shortlists
  • [Contacts] Claiming has been enabled for contacts with owners to allow transition from researcher to consultant
  • [Search] It's now possible to select more than 10 tags in Advanced Search
  • [Search] Added a filter for the 'Status' field for contacts
  • [Meeting] Users can now select themselves as attending users to a meeting
  • [Matching] Matching contacts (to find duplicates) now searches across all name fields
  • [Import] Importing a CSV will now track the user as the creator of the importer records
  • [Import] Added the filename to the import note.
  • [Import] When no 'Source Detail' or 'Source' is specified, the filename will be added in the 'Source Detail' field.
  • [Calendar] Birthdays will now only show for contacts owned by the user
  • [Dashboard] The forecast widget has been limited to only include pipeline records with an introduced date
  • [Dashboard] The pipeline widget has been limited to only show 25 introductions per tab
  • [Messenger] Added WeChat as option to the Messenger field.
  • 'Help' has been added to the top navigation for easy access to our solutions and FAQ
  • Added Tamago-DB's social links to the footer

Fixes :

  • [Search] Fixed an issue where Advanced Search would sometimes default to sort on Scored sorting instead of Occurrence
  • [Search] Fixed the 'Name and title' field in Advanced Search when searching for Employment Job Position
  • [Search] Fixed an issue where searching for company name in the 'Name and title' fields would not yield expected results
  • [Grid] Fixed the Candidate Owner filter on the Pipeline grid
  • [Emails] Fixed an issue where an email message body would sometimes be unable to be retrieved
  • [Dashboard] Fixed an issue with ratio's where 'Open jobs' was only counting jobs with a Job Status
  • [Dashboard] Fixed an issue with the ratio 'Introduced -> Interview' where all pipelines would be used instead of pipeline with an Introduced date
  • [Calendar invite] Inactive email addresses will no longer be added to the description in calendar invites for Meeting and Interview.
  • [Public jobs] Fixed an issue where & in the job's title would show as & in the browser's window title