You are able to send personalized emails to multiple contacts from the following pages :

  • Contact grids (Lead, Candidate, Clients and All contacts)
  • Shortlist
  • Advanced Search

Sending out mass emails works much like adding to shortlist/pipeline, archiving,... Select the contacts to wish to send an email to using the check boxes, then select 'Email contacts' in the action drop down on top of the page and press 'Go'.

You will be presented with a pop-up modal containing the form which will allow you to compose your emails. 

The language selection allows you to specify which language the email will be sent in. This does not translate the email content, but affects some of the personalization, more specifically the contact name. When a contact's name is available in both English and Japanese, it's recommended to select the correct language of the email, in which case the system, will choose the correct name to be added to the email body.

The CC field allows you to add one or more email addresses (separated by comma) to CC people in the sent emails.

Add the subject of your email. The body text area allows you to personalize the email using the contact information. See here for a list of available placeholders.

Right below the email content field, you'll find the button to append the template and your signature to the content field. Each time you press the 'Send' button and submit the form, the email content will get saved. You can append the email content of the previously submitted email by clicking the 'Append previous email' button. This is shared across both 'Email contacts' and  'Email jobs'. 

Finally, you'll find the option to select one of more files from your computer's hard drive to attach to the email.

Depending on the amount of selected contacts and the file sizes of the attachments, sending email can take a little bit of time, the page will refresh when it's finished sending out the emails.