Creating a meeting can be done from the '+' icon in the main navigation on the top left of the screen or using the 'Add meeting' button on top of the Meetings grid.

A meeting can also be created from the contact or company record. 

When creating a meeting, the following form will be presented.

The contact will be automatically selected when creating a meeting from a contact record. The company will be selected when creating from a company record.

The description contains the general information for this meeting. This description will also be sent within the calendar invite and added to your preferred calendar application (Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, ...) when accepting the invitation. 

The organizer is the owner of this record. Any additional attending users can be selected using the 'Attending users' field.

Screening type is a customizable field that allows you to select what type of meeting this is.

If, next to the main contact, any additional contacts are present at the meeting, these can be added using the  'Additional contacts' field.

The remaining fields allow you to set the location, meeting time, timezone and the duration in minutes of the meeting.

To save the meeting, there are 2 save buttons.

  • 'Save and send to calendar' will save the meeting in Tamago-DB and send a calendar invite to each user (organiser and attending users). This calendar invite can then be used to add to their personal calendar. No email will be sent to the candidate or the client contacts.
  • 'Save' will save the meeting without sending out calendar invites.