Tamago-DB does not synchronize directly with your external calendar app. Instead when creating or updating an interview or meeting, you can send out calendar invites to all relevant users. No calendar invites will be sent to contact (candidate or client contacts).

To send a calendar invite, when creating or updating an interview or record, click the 'Save and send to calendar button.

This will generate an industry standard .ical file and send it as an attachment to the email address associated with each user selected as organiser or attending user for this interview or meeting. Each user can then individually use that calendar invite to add it their their preferred calendar app.

When updating an interview or meeting in Tamago-DB, it might be necessary to send out another calendar invite to all users to have them update their calendar. Updating an event in Tamago-DB will not automatically update external calendars.

The email sent to each user will contain the calendar invite, the description of the interview or meeting, and the contact information for the contact/candidate associated with this interview or meeting :