The overall progress reports contains the numbers generated by the pipeline progress workflow. Each individual step made in the progress workflow will show up in this report. If an introduction has moved through 3 different statuses this month, all three statuses will be counted to the numbers in their respective column.

The columns are based on the available (customizable) statuses and results for an introduction, arranged by their corresponding order in the workflow. Results are shown with a slightly darker column header.

On top it's possible to select the time period for which the report should generate numbers, by default this is set to the current month. 

By default the numbers will be calculated on a monthly basis. This can be set to Weekly as well.

The grid is filterable by user, sortable and exportable.

  • Date : Start date of the week or month this reports has numbers for.  Weeks are calculated starting on Monday and ends on Sunday. 
  • User : Which user owns the records being counted

Owned by the user (darker background):

  • Pipeline : Number of new introductions created in the pipeline
  • Introduced : Number of introductions with an introduced date
  • Offered : Number introductions with an offered date
  • Placed : Number of introductions with a placed date
  • Closed : Number of introductions with a closed date

Status progress created/performed by the user (statuses in light background, results in darker background) :

For each status and result it will show the number of times a user has progressed the introduction to this specific status within the time period.