A note can be added to each record. At the top of each record you will find the `Add note` button.

A pop-up modal will open allowing you to write down the new note for the record.

Write down your note's content in the big text area.

The dropdown field on top will allow you to notify others users with an email containing this note and a link to this record.

Checking "Assign due date to receive reminder alerts" will allow you to set a due date to notify you using a reminder pop-up similar to tasks.

Enabling 'Sticky' will make this note sticky on top of the list of notes for the record this notes belong to, giving it a yellow background to stand out even more. This can be used to highlight important notes belonging to the record.

'Call' allows you to designate this note a call, checking this will make this note count as a call on the Overall Status report.