To change the type of sorting, select the type from the sorting section in the upper right corner of the Advanced Search page. 

The sorting order, ascending or descending, can be switched by the sorting icon on the right. The active sorting will show in dark blue.


By default the search results are sorted on the relevancy score. The system will try to determine which search results are most relevant based on the search criteria.

When searching using search terms, the relevancy is based on the number of occurrences of the searched terms in the record. When no search terms are specified, no relevant relevancy score can be calculated and the sorting order will appear random.

The relevancy score is slightly manipulated to boost the importance of the following fields :

  • Contact name (family, given, middle)
  • Contact nickname
  • Company name
  • Job title

Searching for "Manager" will return a list of multiple result. But a Job with "manager" in its title, will be more relevant than a Job that has "manager" in its description, but not its title.


Search results sorted by created date of records.


Search results sorted by updated date of records.  


Search results are sorted based on the date the record was last viewed by any user of the system.