Using the text box in Quick Search and Advanced Search it is possible to specify which specific field you want to search on.

For example, if you want to search for "David", the system will by default search all data in the record for "John", including headlines, profile, resumes, notes, email addresses, ... But you only want to search for "John" as a firstname. You can by adding "givenName:" in front of the search term "John" : "givenName:John". 

This will tell the system you only want to search for "John" in the "givenName" field.

When searching for multiple words, be sure to add double quotes around the search term : 'name:"alliance Insurance"'.

Available fields for Contextual Search :

  • benefits : Company and Job benefits
  • certification : Contact and Job certification
  • conditions : Job conditions
  • description : Job and Company description, Contact profile
  • desiredTitle : Contact desired employment title
  • email : Company email
  • experience : Job experience
  • familyName : Contact family name (Kanji in Japanese)
  • familyNameRoman : Contact family name in romaji
  • familyNameRuby : Contact family name in katakana
  • gender : Contact gender ("m" or "f")
  • givenName : Contact given name (Kanji in Japanese)
  • givenNameRoman : Contact given name in romaji
  • givenNameRuby : Contact given name in katakana
  • headline : Job, Contact and Company headline
  • middleName : Contact middle name (Kanji in Japanese)
  • middleNameRoman : Contact middle name in romaji
  • middleNameRuby : Contact middle name in katakana
  • name : Company name (Kanji in Japanese)
  • nameRoman : Company name in romaji
  • nameRuby : Company name in katakana
  • nearestStation : Job nearest station
  • nickname : Contact nickname
  • phone : Company phone
  • privateDescription : Job private description
  • publiclyHeldDetails : Company publicly held details
  • referrer : Contact referrer 
  • requirements : Job requirements
  • sellingPoints : Company selling points
  • source : Contact source
  • title : Job title
  • typeDetail: Job type detail
  • wageDetails : Job wage details

 Special contextual search

  • note : will search all notes related to the Company, Contact and job
    • Company : company notes, current employee notes
    • Contact : contact notes, shortlist notes, meeting notes, pipeline notes (including progress notes), interview notes
    • Job : job notes

Wildcard search

Using contextual search will search for the exact word you specifiy. If you entered a partial word, it won't find the complete word unless you tell the system you entered a partial word. This can be done by adding an asterisk (*) to the start and/or the end of the search term. If you want to find records with the Certification field containing USCPA and other 'CPA', you can search like this : "certification:*CPA".

Read more about Wildcard Search

Searching by ID

Adding a # in front of a number will search for records with that ID.

Searching by email address

Searching for an email address, will limit the search for only email addresses. It will not try to find records based on the name or domain/company name of the email address.

Contextual Search can be combined with Boolean Search and Wildcard Search.