In Tamago-DB there are 2 different ways of finding records. You can filter the grid or use the search engine to find one or multiple records.

Grid Filtering

When using the Grid filters, you filter the data currently showing on the Grid. Each time you add an additional filter, it will reduce the amount of records in the list. It's only possible to filter on the available columns using the data that's currently available in the grid over all the pages.

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When using Search (Quick or Advances), the system searches for Companies, Contacts, and Jobs for the text you entered. All the data within a record, including notes and attachments, will be used to find the search Term.  

There are 2 ways to search in Tamago-DB:

  1. Quick Search:  Quickly search for a candidate, company, or job
  2. Advanced Search:  Use a robust set of search criteria to progressively drill down into specific search results

Both the Quick Search allow Boolean Search and Contextual Search.

Search results

Each result will show a summary of the record containing useful information, among others : textual fragment based on the searched terms, contact information and tags.

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By default search result are sorted on Relevancy, read more in Advanced Search Sorting.