You can bookmark a search when using the Advanced Search. Once you search using a term such as "Big data" AND researcher, a button will appear above the search term box that will allow you save the bookmark:


When bookmarking, you will be prompted a popup modal to name your bookmark to easily identify your bookmarked search.

Once a search is bookmarked, users can access the their bookmarked searches by clicking on the blob1477534356435.png and a list of bookmarked searches will show under the search term box:


When a user selects the bookmarked search, Tamago-DB will search the entire system once more using the bookmarked search terms. Any new contacts/jobs/companies which were added to the system after bookmarking the search, will also be included in the search. 

If users want to save the current list of the contacts, they may add the search results to a Shortlist.