Quick Search searches for Companies, Contacts, and Jobs for the text you entered. All the data within a record, including notes and attachments, will be used to find the term you.

The Quick Search is found by selecting the magnifying icon blob1477217830895.png in the upper left corner. It will open a window which will allow you to enter a word or text you want to search for. Below the search box, there's the link to the Advanced Search and the previously saved bookmarks.


Type a search term and the results will start to appear as you type:



To go to a record, simply click on the box. 

By pressing the "enter" key, clicking on "Detailed search results"  or clicking on the the play blob1477310859646.png button, you will be taken to the Advanced Search Page with the complete list of search results.

The Quick Search also allows you to do Boolean Search and Contextual Search. By default, the Quick Search will use the 'AND' operator between terms, meaning sales manager will search for sales AND manager in the background. This default behavior can be overridden by specifying the operator in the search query sales OR marketing.