All lists of records are displayed in Grids : Company, Contact, Job, Meeting, Interview, Pipeline, Applications. Each Grid has a limited set of data, the shown columns are fixed and cannot be changed at this point in time.

Data can be filtered within the grid at the top of the grid for each column. By entering a word or term in the search box, a list of possible options will appear, allowing you to select one or multiple options to filter on.

When using the Grid filters, you filter the data currently showing on the Grid. Each time you add an additional filter, it will reduce the amount of records in the list. It's only possible to filter on the available columns using the data that's currently available in the grid over all the pages.


Once your preferred options to filter on are selected, the entire grid will filtered based on the selected options by clicking the Filter button blob1477227660527.png. In the example above, the grid will display all records with the company "St. Jude Medical Inc."

Resetting the filtered grid

To reset the selected filters, click on the Reset button on the left of the Filter button.