A job by default is unpublished, meaning it will not show up on the public job grid, the job feed or the job API.

To publish a job, add a date and time to the 'Published' field when creating or updating a job. It's also possible to set a future date, which will keep the job from being shown public until that date.

A public job is recognizable by the date in a published column in a  Job grid or by a "horn" icon next to its name on its record. 

The link to the public job page containing the details of the job can be found at the bottom of the job record.

When creating or updating a job, all public fields will be labelled as 'Public field' in the form. Some of the fields fall back to the company to retrieve information. Please refer to the help text for each field.

To unpublish a job, remove the date from the 'Published' field.

Expiration date

The expiration date sets a date when it will no longer be possible for a candidate to apply for the job. Setting an expiration date will not unpublish the job from the public pages, job feed or API.

Closing or placing a job

Closing or placing a job automatically adds an expiration date and removes the published date.