The 'Upcoming events' widget on the dashboard will list all upcoming meetings and interviews which the current user owns or has been added to as an attending user. Events with a start date within the next 7 days will show. Once passed the event's start time, it will no longer be shown on the dashboard.

The icon indicates the type of the event, a clock icon for a meeting and a calendar icon for an interview.


  • The title of the meeting will show on top next to the icon. Clicking on the title will take you to the meeting record.
  • The candidate's name will be shown second. Clicking on the candidate's name will take you to its record.
  • If a company has been selected for the meeting, this will be shown next. The company's name links to its record.
  • Meeting's start time is shown at the bottom


  • Title of the interview will show first and links to the interview
  • The candidate's name will be shown next, linking to its record
  • Next is the job title and company name, also linking to their records
  • The interview's start time is show last