Tamago-DB retrieves all the emails between linked users and the contacts that have an email address in their record. SuperAdmin and Admin can restrict viewing of certain contact's email messages for privacy reasons. SuperAdmin and Admin can either set all emails of the messages for a contact record private, or set individual messages private.

Privacy for all of a contact's emails

On the contact's record, click the edit button, scroll down to "Settings" and you will see the options for email privacy settings:

By selecting the option "Emails with this contact are private", only administrators will be able to view the email history within that record. Regular users will be informed that the emails are private as shown below:

Set individual emails to privagte

In the contact record's Emails tab, open the email by clicking on its subject, and click the button "Toggle Privacy" 

Once privacy has been toggled, there will be a lock icon that appears next to the email indicating it is private: