Tamago-DB has the ability to link with your email account and retrieve emails sent and received from contacts that have an email address saved in their record.  Once your link your email account*, messages will be retrieved and displayed in the contact record's email tab:

*When a user first links their email account in Tamago-DB, please wait about a day for the system to index the email account.  

Emails are retrieved and updated when a user visits the contact record.   There are cases where there may be a slight delay in retrieving.  If a user feels that the email history is not up to date, they can take the following steps:

Refresh your browser

As Tamago-DB is a cloud based database, refreshing your browser will ensure the record is up to date. 

Refresh the Emails tab 

Users can manually refresh the emails tab by clicking the refresh icon within the email tab:

Be sure to refresh your browser after refreshing the emails tab as well. 

Synchronizing with your mailbox might take several hours depending on the work load of the underlying system. If the emails do not appear the following day, please contact Tamago-DB Feedback & Support. To be able to pinpoint any issues with the missing email, please send the original message that's missing. 

Sending a support ticket for missing email

To send the original message:

  • In Outlook, create a new email and then drag-and-drop the missing email as an attachment into your new email.  Send this to support@tamago-db.com.
  • In Gmail, click on the dropdown next to the reply button and select "Show original".  Save this as a text file and send this file as attachment to support@tamago-db.com.

Please add a reference to the problematic record (the URL or the ID of the record).