The forecast widget shows the forecast for the current user. 

  • It will use the most advanced introductions of jobs owned by the user to calculate the forecast. 
  • If a job has 2 openings, the 2 most advanced introductions will be used.
  • Archived jobs and pipeline introductions are excluded from the forecast.

More information on forecasting

Header information

The header of forecast widget contains the following 3 lines :

  • Total : the top line of the headers shows the potential revenue when all introductions/jobs in the pipeline (introductions for jobs owned by user) are placed
  • Estimate : the second and middle line shows the forecast estimate based on the % of completion of the introduction progress, please see the article about Forecasting for a more in depth explanation on how the estimates are calculated
  • Placed : this is the amount of revenue already realized (pipeline record with result 'placed'). 

Block information

Each block in the widget shows the following information :

  • Job title (links to the job)
  • Company name (links to the company)
  • Candidate name (links to the candidate)
  • Progress % of the introduction (links to the introduction)
  • Base Fee
  • Estimated revenue (if progress is 100%, this is realized revenue)
  • Start date (field in the introduction)
  • Job owner

More information on the above numbers can be found in our forecasting solution.