Only users with the Admin role are able to delete and edit tags, and also create and edit tag groups. 

** Tags cannot be created from the [Tag Manager] section in Administration settings. Tags are created by editing the tags of a record at the top of  the page. Please see the solution for creating tags (click here).

To manage Tags and Tag Groups

  1. Access Administration setting
  2. Click [Tag manager]

Editing tags

To edit a tag, use the name filter to search for the tag that you would like to edit and click on the edit icon. Once you click on the edit icon, the edit tag window will open and you have the ability to change the name of the tag and change which group the tag is associated with. By changing the the name of the tag, you change the name of the tag for all records associated with it.  

Deleting Tags

If you would like to delete a tag, click the trash icon next to the tag that you would like to delete.  

***Be careful when deleting a tag, all the records that had that tag associated with it, will lose that tag. 

Adding a tag group  

On top right, you will see an input field and button "Add key". Choose a name for your new tag group, preferably this would be English with no special characters, for technical reasons. After adding a new key you can add the translations, see below. 

Translating tag groups

To translate a tag group, simply click on the text you want to translate in the correct language column. An input field will pop up to allow you to edit. Once satisfied with the translation, click on the check mark to confirm your change.  

Changing the display order

The order of the list items can be changed by dragging and dropping in the desired order. To drag, click and hold the dotted line to the left of the key name and drag to desired order in list.

Deleting a Tag Group

To delete a tag group, click the trash icon next to the tag group that you would like to delete.  

***Be careful when deleting tag groups, as the records that had the tags associated with this group, those tags will no longer display or be searchable.  

Changing Keys

Changing the Keys of Tag Groups in the system in general should not avoided. If the Key is changed, tags that are associated with the Tag Group will not updated to reflect that change. Meaning, the Tags will not be transfered to the renamed Tag Group. 

If a user wants to change the name of the Tag Group, it is best to change the translation. If a translation is changed, it will be reflected in all records and tags.