Tamago-DB allows you freedom to create tags and tag groups as you see fit for your business.  

Adding a tag

Tags can be added to contact, company and job records. To add a tag, select the tag edit icon for the tag group you would like to add a tag for. 

Once you click on the tag edit icon, the tag editing window will open and the title of the tag group will be displayed in quotes, the default tag group is "General", which we chose for this example.

Start typing the name of the tag you would like to add in the search box, the list of tags based on your search will begin to display:

Once the tag you are searching displays in the results, you can use your mouse to click on or use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate to the correct tag. Once you see the desired tag highlighted, press enter on your keyboard and the tag will be selected:

At this point you are able continue adding additional tags, or you can save. Tags are shown at the top of the record and have the color that was chosen for that tag group.

Removing a tag

To remove a previously saved tag, click on the edit tag icon and click the small "x" within the tag you would like to remove and save. 

Mass Adding Tags

Users may want to mass add tags or mass remove tags from a group selected candidates.   

Users can mass add tags from advanced search, a grid, or a shortlist. Select the check box of individual records, or you can use the select all check box to select all the records for that page. To mass add tags on the advanced search page, select "Tags" from the action menu in the upper right corner and select "Go":

The "Modify Tags" window will open up with a field for each tag group that has been created by the agency. Within the tag group that you would like to mass add a tag, search and select the tag and click the "Add tags" button. The selected tags within that tag group will be added to each of the records that was selected in the list. 

On a shortlist or grid, once you select the records from the list that you would like to mass tag, select "Tags" from the action menu in the upper left corner of the list and click "Go." The "Modify Tags" window will open and allow you to select tags for each tag group, and then click "Add Tags".


Mass Removing Tags

The preferred way of removing tags is from advanced search page, where a user can filter tags. Filter on the tag you wish to remove by using the filters on the left side of the advanced search page. Select individual or all records by using the checkbox on the right side of each record, or choose select all checkbox from the action menu in the upper right corner. 

Select "Tags" from the action menu and click "Go". The "Modify Tags" window will open as seen above, search for the tag(s) within the tag group field and click "Remove tags". The selected tags will be removed from all the selected records.

*As Tamago-DB allows users to customize the amount of records that are displayed in a list, you might need to go through each page to add/remove tags from all records.

**Creating tags names, Tag Groups, and editing of tags can only be done by admin. Please refer the following page for detail: Creating Tags and Tag Groups