Superadmin and Admins can set mandatory fields for most record types. Mandatory fields are set inline, meaning they can be changed from any record while in the edit record page is open. Mandatory fields are indicated by colored asterisk as below:


Redred are mandatory fields that cannot be changed by admin and are required by the system 

Orangeorange asterisks indicate mandatory fields that are set by admin

Gray- (only visible by admin) gray asterisk indicate fields that can be set by admin, but currently are not set as mandatory

Changing Mandatory Fields

To change mandatory fields for a certain record type, go to a record and edit. While editing the record, select the asterisks (*) next to the field that you would like to make mandatory. The mandatory field is set as soon as it is selected, and changes from gray to orange. To change it back to optional, click on the orange asterisks again. From now on, fields set as mandatory (with orange asterisks) will be required for every record of that type before a user can save. 

Leads and Clients

Setting a field mandatory for a Lead, does not set the field mandatory for client and vice versa.