Tamago-DB allows you to customize items in drop-downs lists. Super Admin and Admin users can customize drop down field items from the Administration settings in the [Customization] tab. The items that are available for customization are visible from the [Customization] tab.  

Add a New Option

On top of a table you will see an input field and button "Add key". Choose a name for your new option, preferably this would be English with no special characters, for technical reasons. After adding a new key you can add the translations, see below. 

Translating an Option

To translate an option, simply click on the text you want to translate in the correct language column. An input field will pop up to allow you to edit. Once satisfied with the translation, click on the check mark to confirm your change.  

Changing the display order

The order of the list items can be changed by dragging and dropping in the desired order.  To drag, click and hold the dotted line to the left of the key name and drag to desired order in list.

Changing Keys

Keys in the system in general should not be changed.  If the Key is changed, records that are associated with the previous key will not change.  If the record with the previous key is edited, the previous key will be removed and not replaced with the new key.  If a user wants to change all the records' that contain an item associated with a key, you can do so by changing the translation.  If a translation is changed, it will be reflected in all records that have that translation associated with that key.