Admins and Super Admins can control data protection and IP address restrictions for users from the Administration settings.

1- Go to Administration settings [Details]

2- Click [Edit]

3- Go to "Administrative preference"

4- Click on your preference.

Tag collaborations

  • Standard users can not add new tags (Only Admins and Super admins can create new tags)
  • All users can add new tags (All users across the agency can add create tags)
Copy Protection
  • Non admin users can copy page data (Allow all users to copy and paste page data)
  • Non admin users cannot copy page data (Only Super Admin and Admin can copy and paste page data)
Allowed IP addresses
  • Allow specified IP address across the agency. 
  • All the agency will be only restricted to the allowed IP address.

To set the IP address individually for specified users.
  1. Go to Administration settings [Users] 
  2. Edit a user by clicking on edit icon .
  3. Input the specified IP address 
  4. [Save]

Note that the user will be only able to access from the IP address which the administrators input and only Super admins and Admins are able to see this option.

Login button
Selecting [Hide login button] will prevent applicants from seeing this button in the public hiring page and will also prevent your clients from seeing the login button in the attachment URL view when you send the resume from Tamago-DB.

Show Login Buttong

Without Login Button

Note that once you select [ Hide login button] you will need to enter /login to your agency's URL to be able to access login.

Example :