Accessing to agency setting (Administration) 

  • Click your name "Top/ Right"
  • Click [Agency Setting] 

  1. Whats the difference between User, Admin and super admin? How do user, admin and super admin permission roles differ?
  2. What is the difference between user setting and agency setting? User settings versus agency settings
  3. Manage Agency Logo. Manage the logo
  4. Manage data and control the database access  IP restriction and data protection
  5. Can I check the users login history? Can I check the users login history?
  6. Add new users to the agency How can I add a new user to the agency?
  7. How to manage the profiles of the agency users? How do I edit the user's profile?
  8. Customization Can I customize fields? 
  9. Tag manager Can i edit or delete tags?
  10. Jobboard account managment