It is easy for admins and super admins to manage the user's profile in Tamago-DB.

We allow Admins to
  • Lock and Unlock accounts
  • Change the user's role from / to [User and admin]
  • Limit users and agency IP address 
  • Change the user's password 
  • Create new accounts with user and admin roles.

Super Admins 
Users with the Super Admin-level are similar to Admin users except supers admins can
  • Change the user's role from/to [User,admin and super admin] 
  • Create new accounts with all roles.
  • "Impersonate" login as the other person in the accounts.

To change the user setting 

  • 1- Click [Agency setting]. (Top right)
  • 2- Click [Users] 
  • 3- Manage from the icons showing under  [Actions]

  •   [Show] to show the user profile
  •   [Edit] to change the user's profile setting.
  •  [Change Password] to change the user's password.

  •  [Login as the user] to login as the user. (For super admins only)