Note that admin role user can only create user and admin role. Super admin can create any role.

To add a new user.

1- Go to [Users]

2- Check your current licenses. 

3- If the user license in the agency setting shows 0 out xx it means that you have to request to add for a new user.

4- To request an additional license, send us a request via [Feedback & Support] 

5- We will send you an additional user license form to sign.

  • 1- Printout the attached form.
  • 2- Fill out the request details.
  • 3- Sign the form.
  • 4- Scan the form and Email it to your account manager. 

6-Once we add the additional user, we will send you an update email.

7- Click [Add user]

8- Fill in the details.


You will notice that the user license shows [1 out 2] which means you can create an additional user and also you will notice that [Add       user] button is clickable and in a darker font.  If the user license shows 1 out xx it means that you have an allowance to create 1 more user and you don't need to send us an additional user request.

Once you create the user, the [User licenses] will show [0 out of 2] and you will notice that [Add user] button will become light gray and unclickable.