With Tamago-DB you can quickly link IMAP-based email accounts simply by entering your email account username and password.


  1. From your "User settings" page click on "Link account" next your email address.
  2. Enter your email account details (with email password, not Tamago-DB passowr in the "Email account authentication" popup:

  • If you don't know your "IMAP server" and "IMAP port" details, click "Lookup IMAP server details".  Tamago-DB will run a background query in an attempt to guess the most appropriate values.
  • If Tamago-DB can't determine the most appropriate values, contact your email administrator.


If you still have trouble connecting and you happen to be using Gmail / Google Apps for business, the problem might be Google's settings.


Make sure IMAP is generally enabled for your Gmail account and that "Show in IMAP is on for the "All Mail" label.

Usually IMAP is active for the "All Mail" label, however in some cases it can become disabled.  Ticking the corresponding checkbox will ensure that we can index all emails regardless of whether they have been archived or moved to different folders/labels.

Secure Sign-In

Double check that access is allowed for "less secure apps".  (This simply means that third-party applications like Tamago-DB are allowed to connect to your account.)
  1.  Go to Google Security (Less Secure Apps)
  2. "Turn on" access for less secure apps

Note that you will need to speak to your domain administrator (whoever sat the email address) to turn on the access for less secure apps.

2-Step Verification

If you are using 2-Step Verification with Gmail or Google Apps, you will have to generate an "app password" and use that to sign-in.

Generating an app password is a simple three step process:
  1. Login to app passwords page to see your list of app passwords
  2. At the bottom of the page selection your application and device.  Click "Generate" to create a random app password.
  3. A new password will appear in a yellow bar.  Follow the instructions to add this password to your the application on your device to login.

If necessary, this password can be revoked from app passwords at any time.