Linking your mailbox to Tamago-DB will allow Tamago-DB to fetch email communication between the user and the contacts in Tamago-DB. 

You can connect your mailbox in "User settings" (top right menu).

Connecting your mailbox can be done by either IMAP or OAuth. Connecting with IMAP will require to enter your username and password. For this reason we recommend using OAuth. Connecting with OAuth is a more secure and reliable to give Tamago-DB the authorization to connect to your mailbox. The browser might still ask for your username and password, but only to log in on your mailbox to be able to give authorization to Tamago-DB. 

Connect with OAuth

Connecting with OAuth will take a few steps to complete. When using Gmail as your email provider, it will look as below :

Connect with IMAP

Connecting with IMAP requires you to enter your username and password from your mail account (not the Tamago-DB password) in the "Email account authentication" popup. 

If you don't know your "IMAP server" and "IMAP port" details, click "Lookup IMAP server details".  Tamago-DB will run a background query in an attempt to guess the most appropriate values. Depending on which provider you have, this might fail. If Tamago-DB can't determine the most appropriate values, contact your email administrator.

Changing the password of your mail account will result in Tamago-DB being unable to fetch new email messages. For this reason, connecting with OAuth is recommended.


After linking your email account, it might take a few hours for emails to become available. If emails are still missing, have a look at the following solutions :