IMPORTANT ! If you're a Google GSuite (GMail) user, please add Tamago-DB as a Trusted App to your Google GSuite before continuing.

Linking your mailbox to Tamago-DB will allow Tamago-DB to fetch email communication between the user and the contacts in Tamago-DB.  Connecting your mailbox will be done using OAuth. Connecting with OAuth is a more secure and reliable, Tamago-DB will be given the authorization to connect to your mailbox and won't store your credentials. Tamago-DB might still ask for your username and password, but only to log in on your mailbox to be able to give authorization to Tamago-DB, they won't be stored in the database.

You can connect your mailbox in User settings (top right menu). You'll find the following on the User profile screen, click the 'Authenticate using oauth' button.

Connecting with OAuth will take a few steps to complete. When using Gmail as your email provider, it will look as below :

Select the account you wish to connect with.

Grant permission to view your email message and settings, and to send email on your behalf.

Confirm your choices and click the Allow button.

You will be directed back to Tamago-DB. It might show it's unable to get status information, but that's normal within 24h of connecting your account. Come back later and it show show green.


After linking your email account, it might take a few hours for emails to become available. If emails are still missing, have a look at the following solutions :