Tamago-DB allows you to unshortlist contacts you shortlisted.

If contacts were added to the shortlist by mistake or you realized they were no longer a fit you can easily pull them out.

There are 2 ways to unshortlist a candidate from the existing shortlist:

Bulk Unshortlist

  1. Choose your shortlist.
  2. Check the check box for the candidates you want to unshortlist them.
  3. Select [Unshortlist] in the mass action.
  4. Click [Go]

Unshortlist a specific contact

  1. Choose your shortlist.
  2. Choose the candidate. 
  3. Click (Toggle) 

You can go back and view who you unshortlisted by clicking on the Shortlisted icon on the right top page. The link works as a 'Toggle' between the three states : "All", "Shortlisted" and "Unshortlisted" candidates.