"Shortlists", often called "tear sheets" in other systems, are interactive lists of candidates potentially applicable to a given search.

The Shortlist is a valuable tool in streamlining the process of narrowing down a list of possible candidates, to a list of candidates to enter in the pipeline. The Shortlist will show the contact information so you can easily contact each candidare and assess their value. For each candidate, a color code and status can be set without much effort.

The use of shortlists is not limited to this, use it in any way it serves your purpose.

Finding your shortlists

Your shortlists and any shortlist shared with you can be found by clicking on the Shorlist icon (inside the red border in the below screenshot). Owned and shared shortlists are grouped together. Each shortlist will show it's name and ID. Click on the name to be taken to the Shortlist.

Viewing the Shortlist

On top, in the yellow box, you'll find the linked Job's information. Below that box, it shows who owns the Shortlist and with how many users the shortlist has been shared. Hovering over the 'Shared with x users' label, will show you a tooltip with the names of the users who the Shortlist has been shared with.

Next you'll see the standard grid view of the contacts added to the Shortlist. The columns with a darker header, are columns specific to shortlists, the other other columns are taken from the contact's record.

Color : this column allows you to designate a certain color to this contact. The meaning of the color is something to discuss and decide on within your agency, there is no underlying mechanic behind it.

Status : the status of the contact within this Shortlist. Not to confuse with the 'Status' field in the contact's record. The option list can be customized by an Admin in the Administration interface.

Added by : the user who added this contact to this shortlist

The color and status are editable within this grid view.

Editing a Shortlist

To edit the Shortlist, click the edit button on the top right, as seen in the below screenshot. Users who have been shared the Shortlist, can also edit. Only the owner and an Admin can delete the Shortlist.

Which will pop pup a modal and allow you to edit the Shortlist.

When assigning a new Owner to the shortlist and it previously belonged to you, make sure to select yourself to share the Shortlist with, or you will lose access to it.