Tamago-DB supports rich, multi-lingual drag-and-drop attachment parsing that works with PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel file types.

There are 2 ways to import a a contact 

1- Upload a file

2- Import from LinkedIn profile.

1- Upload a file

Importing an attachment takes just a few clicks:

  • From the main menu click on the "+" icon and select "Contact"
  • The "Import a contact" popup will show.  Select a file or drag-and-drop.  Please only drop one file at-a-time so we know which one contains the key information.

After a slight delay, Tamago-DB will parse the attachment and populate all of the key fields for you.  Be sure to review the results as parsing is not always 100% accurate.

Remember that attachments uploaded to Tamago-DB can be searched even if they haven't been imported via parsing.

2- Import from LinkedIn. 

  • From the main menu click on the "+" icon and select "Contact"
  • Click [Import from LinkedIn]

  • Copy the URL from LinkedIn profile 

  • Paste the URL in the URL box and click [Import]

Also, you can download the PDF file from LinkedIn profile and import it to Tamago-DB by [Upload a file].

Note that when the LinkedIn user set their security level very high, we will not be able to access the data, so you will probably not be able to parse their profile and will not be able to save their profile to PDF. (Specially with LinkedIn users you are not connected to).

You will get an error message (See screenshot)