Tags allow users to organize Information using bespoke categorization and structure.

For example, a user may tag their largest clients “Enterprise”. The list of tags can be browsed in the User Profile section. If multiple tags are needed, press Enter between tags. 

   To set the tags for multiple contact


  • Go to search.
  • Select your preference ( Company, Contact, Jobs) from the drop down menu.
  • Click action 
  • Select the contact you wish to tags by checking the boxes.
  • Select tags from the drop down action box. "Top/right"
  • For contacts, enter the tag names in general tags or functional tags.
  • For companies and jobs, enter the tag names in general tags.

 There are two types of tags 

  • General tag
    General tags is the main group of tags used to contain all sorts of tags. General tags apply to all kind of records and they are highlighted in blue.

  • Functional tags
    Functional tags can be used to create a specific group of tags, not part of general tags. For example a high level categorization of records. Functional tags are highlighted in green.

On a Contact Record, Company Record and Job Record.

    • Click Edit 
    • Add tags in the Tags field

You can search by tags, the results will show the records tagged with the tags you chosen.
Searching Tags in Advance Search by selecting And / OR and selecting the tags from general tags field or functional tag field

    • Searching Tags by clicking on the tagged words.

Clicking on [financial services] tag will bring you the records tagged with that tag.

Additional Information: Super Administrators can allow Users to add their own tags, or pre-define tags. This option is available in the Agency Settings section.