Initial data migration is an involved process requiring multiple rounds of confirmation.  Here is a quick overview of what to expect.


  1. Tamago-DB reviews data for import and confirms data migration viability.  This typically takes one week.
  2. Tamago-DB and client agree on rough timetable.
  3. Initial data migration.  Generally one to three weeks depending on overall data complexity.  Tamago-DB will endeavor to clean up redundant data discovered during migration on a best-effort basis.
  4. One to three rounds of data migration and confirmation.
  5. Client signs off on data quality after final confirmation.
  6. One month limited data massaging (if required) from data migration completion date.

Plan for at least one month from start to finish.

"Data massaging" is a process where, should gaps be discovered in the data after migration, Tamago-DB will carefully merge ("massage") data from from the original system into the new Tamago-DB instance without overwriting existing data.

Any additional updates to the data beyond the initial month long data massaging window are charged on hourly basis.