Because of the extremely varied, free format nature of attachments, attachments parsing is indeed much more of an art than it is a science. Tamago-DB is able to achieve an average of 90% accuracy on most English resumes, roughly similar accuracy on most resumes created in the romance languages (French, Italian, etc.), and an accuracy of 75 ~ 80% on resumes created in Asian languages like Chinese and Japanese. Accuracy improves on quarterly basis.  See our list of supported languages for overall coverage.

There are a number of common problems that occur when importing and parsing an attachment. Here are some points to double-check after each import:

  • Check the candidate name matches that in the attachment.
  • Check the address. If you need to regenerate the address, remember that there is an "Import address" button for each set of address fields.
  • Check companies added to the Experience section. You may need to convert the names of these companies into new Tamago-DB company entities, or search through existing companies for an already saved company entity.

Leveraging the power of parsing with a quick check for each document will ensure that you are able to add a large volume of data rapidly.