Your instance of Tamago-DB comes with a job portal page, known as the "hiring page" on which you can list jobs.  If you are logged out, this will be the first page you see when accessing your Tamago-DB instance.

Add a published date to jobs to show them on the hiring page:

*Category and Industry columns only visible when possible options have been created in "Customization" 

Guests can visit this page, filter the list using the filters on top of the grid and visit each job's detail page and apply to the job.

When logged in, note that there is a convenient link to the public hiring page in the toolbar on the Jobs page:

The list of jobs can also be embedded on your website using an iframe.

All jobs are also available as an RSS feed and an API. For the RSS feed, click on the RSS feed icon next to the title 'Job openings' on the hiring page.

The API is available on the URL :

(Replace subdomain with the your company's subdomain.)